Project Team and Partners

Dr. Larissa Naylor (University of Glasgow) and Dr. Martin Coombes (University of Oxford) are experts in biogeomorphology, including weathering interactions between microbial communities and rock in coastal environments, and the influence of material type and texture on ecology in coastal engineering. Professor Heather Viles (University of Oxford) is an international expert in biogeomorphology and weathering in both coastal and terrestrial environments, including the bioprotective roles of ivy on stone buildings. Professor Richard Thompson (University of Plymouth) is a leading international expert in marine ecology, particularly interactions between marine macrobiota and marine engineering. Jon Parr (Marine Biological Association) is Deputy Director and Head of Education at the MBA, who has extensive experience in public outreach, including the MarLIN project.MarLIN project.

The project is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Core Project Partners