EA Guidance

A key outcome arising from this research project is end-user guidance commissioned by the Environment Agency's Evidence Directorate in 2011. This guidance provides the first guidance (globally) on ecological enhancement of hard coastal structures. The guidance outlines the need for enhancement, including legislative and policy drivers. It also provides a synthesis of our currently limited scientific understanding of how to best design enhancements, using global case studies. Lastly, it considers the practical challenges of including ecological enhancements in the planning and design of rock and concrete structures. The guidance will distributed to key head office, regional and area teams within the Environment Agency as well as to other important government agencies. Through existing networks, key consultancies and organisations will also be offered a copy of the guidance.

It was co-funded by the Environment Agency and the University of Exeter and co-produced by the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, and Treweek Environmental Consultants.

The guidance was officially launched on 8th September 2011, at the Environment Agency's Head Office (see flyer for details) and the guidance is available below:

Download: Full Guidance Report (.pdf)